Introductions Megathread

Introduce yourselves, tell us your deal! Post socials and project links too if ya want.

What's your deal gang

i'm ari, american but escaped to australia ~5 years ago. technical game designer predominantly in unreal. working on Coreborn, before was on a couple Sims 4 expansion packs and got my start on Dawngate. a failed indie venture or two in the mix.

bluesky and masto, roxaloxa in many places


i'm Joe Wintergreen and i'm a general unrealsperson/game dev often hired as a "technical designer" or "systems designer" or in the case of 2022 smash hit "weird west", both. also this is my house


Also here's a recent photo of me


Hi friends, I'm David! I've been making video games since like I dunno 2006 or something oh god I'm old. I split my time between personal projects in my homebrew engine and my day job where I work in Unreal. I don't use Discord, so forums make me happy!

My personal projects are at: and

I dunno where my socials are anymore, I've got on Bluesky for random personal stuff and David Lindsey Pittman ( - Mastodon for gamedev stuff and cohost! - @dphrygian for... whatever cohost is.


David you're famous for such bangers as "neon struct" and "eldritch" and "slayer shock" and you don't even mention 'em. You're so modest

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I mean a game I worked on for 4 years launched this week and I am strictly forbidden from talking about it on social media, that's the life. (It was "South Park: Snow Day!", it's not a secret I worked on it. I just can't talk about it.)


Hey y'all! I'm Ashe, a game-making generalist working at an org. using game tech (it's unity, it's basically unity) for IRL problem solving!

I'm currently working on two projects: Deus Dawn, a third person action game with lite imm-sim elements and Causality, a custom "skyrim but indie" game engine/framework thingamajig built on top of Godot :3

You can find me pretty much everywhere as @surfacedfox!!


I'm kyle I do level design and sometimes try environment art and immediately get reminded why I stick to level design.

bluesky and twitter


I'm Ev, I do programming and tech art but really specialising in most things Unreal. At present, I'm mainly freelancing and looking for longer-term work.

Got some small games on itch and some folio stuff on Artstation, and some cool projects on GitHub. All socials are @EvelynSchwab.


Hey - I am Mr_SquarePeg. I am a Game Dev that is working on my first game in Unreal engine 5. I enjoy making cool maps, 3D modeling in blender for 3D Printing and Video Games. I frequently make things with Blender to 3D Print on my Sovol SV06 and AnyCubic Kobra. I will post some pics of what I have made in the art section as I do not want to clog up the intro thread with large images.

You can find me on Itchio, Bluesky, and cohost.


Hi! I'm Johnnemann. I've been working in games for a while, first AAA and then indie and now AAA again. I moved from being several different types of programmer into technical narrative design, currently for Remedy. I used to be in the US and now I live, love, laugh in Sweden


Johnnemann! I miss you.


Hi there, hello, I'm Vivian. My pronouns are she/fae/they.
I am a queer Polish immigrant living in the US West Coast with my wife and her cat Kitty Pryde.

I work as a Technical Animator, but I've touched pretty much every aspect of Unreal and I like going down code rabbit holes to find out why things are the way they are in Unreal.

Used to work for Reikon Games and Splash Damage, now I'm trying to make my own game while there's no work to be found.
You can follow it here: Paula The Possum Thread
Also you can find my socials on my website: (this is also my bluesky username)

Very happy about an impromptu forum finally existing!


Hi I'm Dylan and I work Visual Effects in Film / TV / Unreal Engine Supervisor at Modelfarm, I've worked on modern classics such as CATS and also some other stuff, like Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Love & Monsters (got nominated for an academy award for VFX for that one!), Finch, Mortal Kombat, Elvis, Master Gardener, Talk To Me, Teen Wolf: The Movie, The Pope's Exorcist, Lego Dreamzzz, Death & Other Details, Eddie's Little Homies, Piece By Piece (The new Lego Movie about Pharell's life) and a couple of stuff that is in production atm.

Oh and also I do lots of personal projects in Unreal and made a few semi popular things on Unreal Marketplace like the Cinematic Ocean System, Anamorphic DOF and Cinematic Lens Flares!

I love pushing Unreal to its limits with crazy poly counts, and by living on the edge and using UE5-Main for everything :smiley:

Best ways to look at my work is on Twitter, Youtube, Bluesky or on like this Artstation i just started using again recently.

I also like to dabble in gamedev for game jams and some of mine can be found over at Itch, two of which I won for best graphics in Megajam.

oh additionally I own over 1400 Blurays , this is important information


Hi there, I'm Lucas :D, someone will eventually find out why most people call me Pato, but I will not be the one to spill it.

I'm a 24yr student from Argentina, currently on my senior year of college. I concluded early on that one of the best ways to learn is to surround yourself with people way smarter than you are, so here I am!

I do mostly programming and some design stuff, almost exclusively Unreal at this point. I have a small page with my college projects, one of them is web playable!
My only social is Twitter (In Spanish, woops) which I just use to geek about games, anime and fantasy novels.

This server/forum is awesome and more people should know about it.


i'm giwake, i make... things? music, sounds, games... things you can sometimes interact with on your compute. planning on studying sound design junk in a bit. i also like weird shit, like the games on glorious trainwrecks, games by thecatamites and generally whatever interesting stuff i can find while scrounging around the internet like a goblin.

i am perpetually stuck in the 00s. but without the good housing prices. if you see me doing anything there is a good chance i'm doing it with horribly outdated technology.

my cohost (which is basically the only social media i use nowadays) is here. follow it for game dev screenshots of questionable quality and misc bullshit.

current project is currently under the name "escapade zone," about a guy who takes a train to get to work, but the train keeps taking him to weird places. it's like that sometimes.


Yo yo, I'm Chris Bryant :revolving_hearts:

I'm primarily a 3D/texture artist with some serviceable level design and environment art chops. My background's pretty much entirely in Half-Life 2 modding, though lately I've been trying to work into standalone stuff. Currently learning the ins and outs of Unreal and hoping to set up a decent base to make some small Half-Life-type stuff from.

I'm really bad about consolidating and updating my work in public areas, so Artstation's your best bet, but I post misc stuff on Twitter.


Besides art, if the topic of tool UI/UX ever comes up I'll get real annoying real fast, but it's okay because I'm right, so don't worry.