Renaming a UE5 project

If it's not a C++ project, you can just rename the .uproject file.

If it is a C++ project, this got easier in UE5:

  • Rename the .uproject file
  • Rename the Target.cs files and the classes they contain
  • Delete the Binaries and Intermediate folders for the project
  • Generate the solution

    Thanks, discord user Evilsmevil.

If it's not a C++ project, this is only a partial solution, as it will not package due to a Target module mismatch.

  1. Rename .uproject to NewName.uproject

  2. In your project's "Config" folder, open "DefaultEngine.ini" and add or change "GameName" entry under URL section to your new project name:

  3. Delete all of your Binaries/Intermediate/Saved folders.