Physically 'attaching' geo collection bits to a skeletal mesh?

Hey all, looking for some pointers on this. I want to have parts of broken geometry collections visually attached to another object (not a geo collection) so they move with the object. They don't need to actually be attached in a literal sense, but they do need to actually move with the parent object.

I'm thinking physics fields, but would love it if anyone has any ideas. You can't attach them as components or the like.

The other issue here is how to actually detect the geo collections in the first place, so they can be attached; as far as I know, you can't pick up bits of them with traces or overlaps. They do generate hits though, if you tell them to.


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Is this sort of a Katamari situation? Maybe you can do a small capsule or radius sweep (with the same start and end location, just using the radius/half height) to detect the hits and then disable physics on them and parent them to the skeletal mesh with the relative transform?

(There might be some issues with geometry collections preventing this, I haven't used them so sorry in advance if this is something you've already tried)

You can use fields to set collection particles to static, but unfortunately they don't seen to have a way of attaching them in that context :slightly_frowning_face: they'll just keep their position in world space.