Paula The Possum Thread


A Love Letter to Retro 3D Platformers



What is this?

It's a 3D Platformer heavily inspired by Rayman 2, one of my most favorite games of all time. I've been working on it since 2020 using UE5.

What are the plans?

My plans are to make a demo of this game by the end of the year that has one fully playable level. What I’m gonna do after that, I do not know.

I want to contribute!

Let me know via DMing me here or contacting me through Joe’s Discord. While I can’t pay folks right now for their work, I would be interested to talk with you and see what you have to offer.

The kind of work I’d be interested in is (bigger priority first):

  • environment art (primarily creating textures)
  • music

v excited to see this progress, you've already made such great strides recently. curious how the level deign phase is gonna go

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Working on another map!


thanks to a suggestion from joe to work on easy wins, I've done some work to support moving between levels. I've also been working on a bossfight among other stuff and I got this video!

I'm also finally beginning working on the camera for this game and it's already giving the game a well needed dynamic feel!


bangs table with fists
more paula the possum updates!!!

I just moved, so progress has been slow but I have been finally tackling the camera. I’ll post an update here when I have anything.
did some more camera stuff. Now its properly decoupled from the player.

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Nice work! Are you also planning on using that code for in-game cutscenes? Is there anything else you'd want to do with the decoupled camera?

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Yeah, I think it would be fun to get some systems going for ingame cutscenes without sequencer.

Here's a new env asset from a friend of mine