no signal

Since last december, a friend and I have been working on a game called no signal.

It's an escape room/hidden-object game about loneliness, fixing broken machinery, and reading old logs. You're stuck by yourself on a space station orbiting a black hole, trying to get home. There's no one to call for help.

Here's some pretty screenshots of the various scenes in the game as they look right now:

Part of my marketing strategy is to go to smaller events to share my games, even if those events are not primarily for games. In fact, I showed this game just last weekend at a local convention called staple! austin which is primarily for indie comics, zines, ttrpgs, and other print media. Nevertheless, I am happy with the reception it got. I wrote about how that went exactly here.

If things go according to plan, I hope to finish the game by July and release it sometime shortly after, probably August or September. I stream the development of this four days a week on my Twitch stream if you'd like to stop by and distract me enough to require a delay in plans.


Finally finished porting the black hole shader into Godot!



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