Looking for work!

I guess, post what you do and what kind of jobs you're looking for!

I'll go first....

Hi! It's me, Priscilla / ghoulnoise. I'm currently down to one contract, which is a first for me since I started freelancing full time in 2019. I'm working on my updated reel but I've also been putting out feelers for new contracts!

Type of roles I can fill: composer, sound designer, audio director

I have used Wwise in the past (it's been a While), but I do prefer FMOD or whatever in-house tools are being used.

Some examples of games and what my role was:

IMMORTALITY: Audio Director. I implemented the reactive music system in FMOD, created and implemented the sound design (this does not include the filmed audio which was recorded on set). Nainita Desai (composer), and myself were nominated for a Golden Reel for music implementation, alongside the likes of God of War! We didn't win! I was just thrilled to have a nomination!

JETT: The Far Shore. I composed and performed most of the voices on the dense choral piece at the beginning of the game. I also created the lyrics to the song, which lead to my further responsibilities creating the conlang, creating a dictionary, translating the scripts into "Volega" (the name of the language, voice acting the scout Caro, as well as co-directing the voice actors and assisting in their pronunciation and delivery of lines using the entire conlang. I also helped to design a system for building lines of VO for writing in the game that was not directly translated, which involved creating a cache of non-literal Volega sentence fragments which could then be mixed with fragments containing keywords, names, and interjections to create the illusion of full translation. These fragments, for each character, were then hand picked by me for ever line, in order to sound as natural as possible.

Patrick's Parabox: I was the sound designer and composer, working in a very limited audio palette to fit the character of the game. Music was lightly interactive and helped create a unique mood that drew inspiration from the highlighted puzzle mechanics of each level.

Skin Deep (ongoing): Composer, with a focus on supporting world-building aspects (radio advertisements, creating genres of music specific to the game, etc.)

Iron Man VR. Sound design. A focus on filling environments with sound and making them sound correctly placed and attenuated in VR, foley for cinematics, recording foley, designing sounds for VR prop interactions.

You can find a thread of videos with examples of things I've worked on here over on cohost, under the read more!

woah, this is quite a good list!!
i'm thinking about getting into audio junk as a career choice, gonna try to study it at a uni or something before i start actually doing it as a job. i do hope i can get a couple of bits and pieces here and there though!

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