looking for a free, collaborative, self-hosted whiteboarding app/site

i got really accustomed to miro for sorting out my brain at work so i wanna set up my own for personal stuff, but the free version of miro majorly sucks and i'll never pay for it, so i've been looking for alternatives.

the important trio of features it must support:

  • free: no tiered $7/user/month bullshit
  • self-hosted: i am the master of my destiny
  • collaborative: lemme have multiple people on the board at once with live updating

i'm having a lot of trouble finding this actually, turns out it's some kinda unicorn that only exists if VCs gave you funding. anyone aware of anything?

Might be worth checking these awesome-selfhosted categories out!

Don’t have a personal pick though that fulfills these requirements though :sweat_smile: I like obsidian but it doesn’t support collaborating, I don’t think.

someone on mastodon might have answered me: there's a fork of excalidraw that meets all my asks.

i knew about this software already, but had written it off when i saw they lock the realtime collab behind their premium tier. i should've known there'd be a fork that let you host your own!

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On the other hand, maybe we should make our own in unreal

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