glitch art / video bending / analog stuff

anyone else do fun stuff with analog?

(please be careful watching if you're sensitive to flashing light!)

I just set up my first double feedback loop!

Camera pointed at CRT HDMI direct output -> conversion to RCA -> dirty mixer -> CRT (Feedback Loop 1)
PC Monitor -> Windowed projection of HDMI to RCA conversion -> dirty mixer -> CRT (Feedback Loop 2)

Same Camera USB Video Capture direct to OBS pointed at CRT & recorded (Sum video)

it's fun to create trails by doing stuff between the tv and camera :triumph:

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(flashing lights warning, seriously)
i came across this video a while back, it's a very cool effect.
i wonder how to do this stuff, it seems very complex with this one. some kind of custom circuitry? (last time i tried to do a circuit, i fucked it up horribly...)


oh wow that's VIVID

When I made the second devlog for the game I'm currently working on, I looked into how to do some digital-only datamoshing. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything in particular that worked well for me but I ended up figuring out a few ways to corrupt the video in interesting ways using ffmpeg filters.

ffmpeg -i "2023-12-02 16-38-39.m4v" \
  -vf scale=1920x1080 -bsf noise=4000 -r 30 -f mpegts \
  -c:v h264 -crf 31 -preset ultrafast -tune zerolatency -an \

Unfortunately, the website that I learned this from has since been reorganized and the page isn't up anymore. It's on web archive thankfully.