Food and Resippy Thread

What have y'all been cooking up(literally) lately? :eyes:

I'll start: made myself a good cuppa coffee and a broccoli omelette for brekky today!

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Yesterday I bought a Kitchenaid blender. I have created a delicious potato and leek soup and also some smoothies. In both instances I made too much

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I made this zucchini bread bundt cake (with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting) and it made for a very decedant breakfast (and occasionally dessert) for us.

Zucchini Bread (Better Than Ever!) - Sally's Baking Addiction <- highly recommend this recipe (and site, in general! I always get great results with her recipes)

I didn't have applesauce (added for extra moisture) but I substituted it with the same amount of ripe banana and it turned out ridiculously good.

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Tried my hand at making a Gyudon beef bowl on Wednesday (with ground beef since thinly sliced beef is hard to find here) Bad lighting aside it turned out really well, and I had enough leftovers after that it's taken care of breakfast for the rest of the work week.

It's adapted from this recipie if anyone wants to try it.