Cohost Thread

Cohost Dot Org is the only good social media website but it's not super easy to find people on. Let's share our cohost dot orgs imo

Mine is cohost! - @joewintergreen

Here is mine.

Mine's at

Legitimately forgot I made this, but here's cohost! - @izolde. Maybe I'll try to do something with it if I can like... figure out how to Do Cohost. Maybe not. Who knows!

mine's cohost! - @aud! i don't use it much right now.. but that's partly out of not really knowing anyone on there. i should really try anyways, i like the format n the general vibe goin on a lot

here's mine although I don't really use it!

I barely ever post, but

I love following new people on cohost! Here I am!!


I am of course @bruno on Cohost.


hello! I'm over here!

...I also run the (semi-joke) number-one-dragon-ball-fan account...

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I feel embarrassed that it's the only good social media site but I have no clue how to use it. Can someone tell me how to use it?!

What are ya having trouble with?

I mostly effortpost about gamedev: cohost! - @exodrifter

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