Codename #BIRDahoy Thread

Making a silly little thing about bird pirates. It's got SWORDS, and ACTION, and STEALING THINGS VIA BALLOON!

(cool animated video thingy of birds doin a fulton)


You know just, Bird Pirate Things. Will maybe update this later with more bird pirate things.

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this is absolutely adorable. I love the gigantic cargo items... is the cannon a bird-modified handgun???? amazing

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Meg! I had a dream last night that you wanted this game to be narrated by Jeff Goldblum, and by chance Jeff Goldblum was in town near me, and this was an opportunity, so we got him to come to my house and then I was voice-directing him as he narrated your game. But it was super short notice and we hadn't talked about it much so I was frantically on Discord like "meg what is the vibe. is he just Jeff-As-Jeff or did you want him to be doing sort of a character"

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