Clothes Creativity

Have you made or modified any clothes?? I have been trying to do more of this recently.

Last year I learned to screen print in order to make t-shirts for Glitch City, the indie dev coworking space I help to plan events for. It was so much work!! I had to expose the screens in a crappy "dark room" in an alcove closed off with a curtain made of heavy black moving cloth. Here's some pics:

I have also started buying 5 panel caps and sewing patches onto them to achieve the hats of my dreams. Here are a couple:

This hat represents my desire to not have my head crushed in a vise or destroyed by a close encounter with a steamroller.


love that bike lane hat lmao

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Thank you! I made it to wear to some transit activism events and now it's one of my favorites.

I was able to find many pro-transit/pro-bike patches on etsy. You can also get custom embroidered text ones there for relatively cheap--that's what the second one is.

This is sick. My own clothes creativity is limited to handsewing to mend holes in things, although I did once tiedye some curtains

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yes!!! I'm trying to get back into sewing again, my brain has sabotaged that hobby for the past year [glances at a 1/3 of the way made dress on a dress form in my office]

I bet someone out there remembers me wearing this heavily kitted out denim jacket at GDC back in like 2017 lol. I removed the patches since I sewed them on, now they live on a corkboard in my office...

I was also just reunited with this jacket i put this amazing sugarbones patch on

I also tie-dyed my Manga shirt (by Cam del Rosario) a few years ago :)

highly recommend tie-dying white shirts if they get a stain on them you can't get out!


That manga shirt rules!! I have an all-white cycling themed t-shirt I was thinking of tie-dyeing because it gets too nasty looking if I wear it and then get sweaty cycling, haha.

it's so fun! the main thing is to soak it in vinegar water solution after the initial rinse to give the colors the best chance at sticking

I should have been probably hand washing to keep it vibrant but I don't mind the more pastel look it has after 2 years of infrequent wear tbh

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Dope as shit! I've never really made or painted my clothes, though I manually taper a lot of my shirts w/ a sewing machine because I don't like the cut most have. So envious of your ability to go all out like this.

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