2D sprite color accuracy?

a few months back i saw this on masto about how there are tons of wrong tutorials out there for color accuracy in 2D sprites.

unfortunately this guy hasn't made any followups about it (i poked him about it).

anyone have any particular knowledge here about what he could be talking about? i think i'm gonna be tackling it soon and the "a million very wrong tutorial videos" is worrying :skull:


I imagine it’s probably the tonemapping affecting the colors. I’ve dealt with this problem on my game by basically replacing the tonemapper and fiddling with the colors to look similar to what I had in aseprite

it's the fiddling part i'm scared of, what i want is accuracy haha

Yeah, I looked into this for Stray Gods actually. The issue is "people want the colors on their textures to match photoshop", which of course they never normally do because we're lighting things and tonemapping things and whatever.

The quickest way to kill the issue is just to disable the filmic tonemapper and the eye adaptation.

Here's how Stray Gods lady looked by default when in Lit viewmode (I feel like nobody's gonna mind me sharing this...):


Versus with r.tonemapper.filmic 0 and r.eyeadaptation.quality 0:

This is a perfect match for Photoshop, iirc. You can also see the emissive isn't doing the "white core" thing that's "physically correct" and not usually what people want.

I dunno if you can still disable the filmic tonemapper in UE5 but presumably there's some equivalent.


aha! perf, thank you.

yeah i had pretty much figured out the why of what it's doing but wasn't sure what the straight-forward fix would be.

Piggybacking off Joe's reply I've had good results using this setting in your PPV in case you're using UE5 as I think the tonemapper cvar is just not there anymore.


Sick scoop. I wonder if I can promote a post to a scoop somehow.

would probably just be more legible for the long term if a new scoop post is made with the findings from posts like these

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yeah true :pleasedpayne:

that’s fair. I mainly said fiddling because I absolutely do not know the color space theory, but I know 2.2 is for some reason a magic number and that’s helped me out a lot, hahaha.


Here is something that helps hopefully. CobraCode on Youtube has been making guides and videos on getting 2D sprites looking good in Unreal. I will link his other guides elsewhere but this one is relevant. :slight_smile:


appreciate it!

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